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Keccak Hash Engine IP Core

Keccak is notable as a versatile cryptographic function renowned primarily for its role as a hash function. However, its applications extend beyond hashing, encompassing functions such as authentication, (authenticated) encryption, and pseudo-random number generation. The fundamental structure of Keccak is the remarkably straightforward sponge construction, featuring the innovative Keccak-f cryptographic permutation internally. One remarkable feature of Keccak is its flexibility and configurability. It can be easily customized to produce hash functions of different output lengths and security levels. This flexibility makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications.
Keccak attained standardization in 3GPP TS 35.231 for mobile telephony (TUAK) and NIST standards FIPS 202 and SP 800-185 – SHA3. It was subjected to thorough public scrutiny and third-party cryptanalysis.

The Keccak Hash crypto engine is an IP core and built with a focus on simplicity and seamless integration, while also following coding and verification practices in the industry. It operates in a single clock domain and has been extensively verified. It can be flexibly configured and customized to support different output lengths and security levels.

The Keccak Hash IP core offers a versatile solution for maintaining hash functions, authentication, encryption, pseudo random number generation (PRNG), blockchain and more.

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