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SHA-3 Crypto Engine IP Core

The SHA-3 – secure hash algorithms – crypto engine is a hardware accelerator for cryptographic hashing functions. It is an area efficient and high throughput design and compliant to NIST’s FIPS 202 standard. Additionally it supports all SHA-3 hash functions – SHA-3-224, SHA-3-256, SHA-3-384 and SHA-3-512 – as well as extendable output functions (XOF) – SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256. It provides full protection against time-based side channel attacks (SCA). Automatic byte padding is included.

The SHA-3 crypto engine is an IP core and built with a focus on simplicity and seamless integration, while also following coding and verification practices in the industry. It operates in a single clock domain and has been extensively verified. 

The SHA-3 IP core offers a versatile solution for maintaining data integrity and verifying authentication across various applications. Its applications span a wide range, including Message Authentication Codes (MAC), IPsec and TLS/SSL protocol engines, secure boot engines, encrypted data storage, e-commerce platforms, financial transaction systems, blockchain, or pseudo random bit generation.