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KiviCore offers cyber secure and quantum safe solutions based on industry standards and tailored to specific needs of our customers. We place great emphasis on intensive customer support and guarantee customization to ensure that our solutions perfectly match your requirements.
Rely on our secure solutions, outstanding service and customized approaches to meet your needs. We are here to help you and support you in achieving your goals.

System development – Security requires a holistic approach. Security must be taken into account centrally throughout the entire product life cycle. It is crucial to consider security as early as the design phase of hardware and software.

Network security – Networks are wired or increasingly wireless. This increases the complexity of the challenge of operating networks securely, as there are a multitude of new communication protocols and standards.

Authentication – Devices must be authenticated by all legitimate users. Methods for such authentication range from static passwords to two-factor authentication, biometrics and digital certificates.

Encryption – Encryption is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to data and devices and to ensure the authenticity of data. This is a particular challenge due to the diversity of devices and hardware profiles. KiviCore provides a SHA3 Crypto engine.

Side-channel analysis – Even with sufficient encryption and authentication, another threat is possible, namely side-channel attacks (SCA). SCAs collect operational characteristics such as execution time, power consumption, and electromagnetic radiation to read cryptographic keys. Such side channels must be detected and secured.